A selection of exhibitions and other projects from 2007 onwards







Photo of the name plate of the Arts University,in Poznań photo of the two instruments looking out at the courtyard The two StringThing instruments looking out at the courtyard in Poznań.

photo of the Thinking Machine in the museum at Gifu The Thinking Machine in Gifu, Japan, with two of Masahiro's Matarisama Dolls.


Asahi Hall, Flamme d'Or
The Flamme d'Or on the roof of
Philipp Starck's Asahi Hall Tokyo

Both concerts in Japan sold out, jam-packed full - here is an online report.









grants, awards, residencies

1982 -89 -93 grants from the Senator for Cultural Affairs, Berlin
1986 Realisation of the project Machine Dance for the
  Production Technology Centre (PTZ) of the Technical University /
  Frauenhofer Gesellschaft, Berlin
1989 Residency at the New York Hall of Science with the project
  Pattern and Chaos.
1999 Interactive Art prize winner, InterCommunication Center (ICC/NTT) Tokyo
2000 Realisation of the project Hello, can you hear me? for a school for visually
  handicapped children in Berlin.
2001 Residency at the Hochschule für Media in Cologne awarded by the
  German Sound Art Prize competition.
2006 Guest at La Courbière, Estervayer-le-Lac, Switzerland.
  Residency with Roland Pfrengle and the Talking Machine at Tesla, Berlin.
2009 Residency at Burg Eisenhardt, Belzig, Mark Brandenburg.
2010 Residency at IAMAS, Institute for Advanced Media Arts & Sciences,
  Ogaki, Japan.
2011-14 Grant for Hybrid Music for Humans and Machines from the
  German Federal Cultural Foundation - Kulturstiftung des Bundes
2016 I was a guest at the Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken during the exhibition
  Two Measures of Time ...
2018 and again during the exhibition at the Saarland Clock Museum
2019 Residency at Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Music.
2021 Grant from the Giesecke + Devrient Foundation.

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