Four Voices

Tuning the Voices at the Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken, 2016

Following the success of the Singing Machine I started on four similar machines. The voices have smaller blowers than the Singing Machine and at present there are no air pressure regulators - they seem to manage quite well without them.


The music data is stored in a computer. It sends the pitch and vowel instructions, via an I2C network, to 12 microprocessors, 3 for each Voice. that control their motors, blowers and valves. The Voices can be spread out along a 25 meter cable - maybe longer, I haven't tried.

Masahiro Miwa wrote a score and we had a week-long email exchange with my recordings and his corrections. I demonstrated it for three days at KONTAKTE where it turned out to be surprisingly popular.

Academy of Arts, Berlin, 2017
KONTAKTE: Biennial for Electro-acoustic Music and Sound Art, 2017
On the right is their prototype, the Singing Machine.

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