Ein Ton - a sound installation
photo of Ein Ton

Ein Ton consists of three organ pipes, each standing on two trestles. Each pipe has a built-in blower, connected to the mains by a manual switch. Alternatively the the pipes can be switched on and off by motion sensors and timers.

The pipes are tuned to slightly different notes: one pipe has a small tuning hole near the open end; in another the mouth is partially closed by a flap and the third pipe is left plain.

diagram of sound waves

•   When one pipe is switched on, there is a single note. (any one of the top 3 lines above)

•   When two pipes are on, together they produce "beats" - a regular throbbing. (4th line)

•   When all three pipes are on, there are irregular rhythmic beats. (bottom line)

visitor looking down a pipe
Ein Ton is a popular exhibit and is also sometimes included in works written for my instruments, as for example in hitonokiesari by Masahiro Miwa.
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