Aerial photography using kites
Vrboska, Hvar, Yugoslavia, 1971, looking south.
In the early 70's one of my interests was making aerial photographs using kites. This shot was taken using a camera fixed inside the framework of a box kite, about 150 cm high. The shutter was released using a burning fuse.

diagram of how to make aerial photographs

how it works ..... 1974

Three years later I was using a larger kite and a model aircraft "dethermaliser" time switch. The camera was attached to the string which made it easier to get the kite into the air. Later I resorted to the obvious and efficient solution of using a motor camera with the shutter operated by radio control.

I also experimented with 3D photos using two cameras 1 metre apart.

There are 1000 meters of string on that winch so I feel obliged to tell you that if you want to fly a kite be sure to check your local regulations about where and how high you are allowed to go. In any case, keep away from airports, roads and power cables.

The Berlin Wall

This shot - actually two shots joined together - was taken from West Berlin looking in a westerly direction across the wall to the East German countryside and some suburbs.
The two fuzzy white lines in the foreground are a part of the bracing of the kite.
detail of Berlin Wall photo: a watch tower

A blowup from the above photo

A watch tower with two - or three? - patrol cars and, near the centre of the picture, just visible, a light mast - all rendered in grainy Cold War look.

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