For the celebrations in honour of Ingrid Beirer, who ran the music department of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) arts programme in Berlin, on her retirement in 2012.

a triumphal arch

A 70th birthday picture for Prof. Dr. Helga de la Motte-Haber - musicologist and also an expert on the history and theory of Sound Art. In the background is Berlin's Schloss Charlottenburg; it stands on the other side of the road from where she used to live.

An 80th birthday picture for Helga de la Motte, enthroned and surrounded by her attributes, including a few of her many publications. The musical VW Beetle (lower right) refers to her 1980s research into the effect of various kinds of music on driving behaviour.

Three 3 x 3 cubes, one with a bit missing

An birthday card conundrum for minimalist composer Tom Johnson
Three cubes, each 33 = 81, one missing. Age: 80

felt-tip drawing of a belfrey
Clock house and belfrey of the church at Vrboska on the Island of Hvar.

study of a car on legs
Illustration for a childrens' book. German caption: "also exists today".

One of several sketches for concert and music theatre invitations.

how to use a privy

Como usar uma fossa seca? How to use a privy (1985). Drawn at the request of architect and town planner Renate Bonn who was working in Pernambuco, Brazil, for the German Society for Technical Cooperation (GTZ). Suitable for colouring, the drawing was intended primarily for school children who could then explain things to their parents.
(Rapidograph on tracing paper, 51 x 90 cm)
Drawing of a press button

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